Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Dental Press Store?

Dental Press Store is the e-commerce website of Dental Press Ensino e Pesquisa Ltda. Here, you will find all the journals, books, collections, posters, and courses from Dental Press Publisher, anytime and anywhere.

2. Is it safe to buy through the Internet?

Here, you will have all the security to make your purchases. Through an encryption system, all the information you provide us is confidential. The locked padlock icon at the bottom of your monitor shows that you always have maximum security to buy with peace of mind.

3. Check out our payment options.

Purchases can be made by credit card, bank slip, PagSeguro, and PayPal.

4. Can I pay in installments with a credit card?

Yes, installment conditions are specified in the description of each product.

5. What are the delivery times?

The products will be delivered by Correios during business hours, from Monday to Friday. Please note that 3 (three) delivery attempts will be made. It is not possible to schedule a specific delivery time.

6. How long does it take to receive my product?

Delivery time depends on the region and the delivery service selected with Correios (Brazilian Postal Service).

7.How do I contact Dental Press?

You have three options: You can call the phone number below:

(44) 3033-9800

Send a message through WhatsApp.

+55 44 99843-0135

Or send us an email

8. How much do I pay to receive my purchases?

The fees depend on the region, weight, and volume of the goods.Correios (Brazilian Postal Service)